The PROMISE portal is the major output of the Horizon 2020 funded project SUPER MoRRI. PROMISE contains a range of data and information that is designed to support institutional transformation toward more open and responsible cultures and practices in research and innovation. PROMISE was developed to be a sustainable output that can continue to grow and evolve.

PROMISE contains access to data downloads alongside the presentation of pre-formatted selections and visualizations of these data and information resources, as prepared by the SUPER MoRRI team. These data resources include primary data produced by the SUPER MoRRI research programme and secondary data compiled and used from other sources.

Further exploitation of the available data, including the development of new indicators, visualizations, and other resources, is envisaged to be part of the continued development of PROMISE. With this vision in mind, PROMISE was built on a flexible content management system that will allow its new managers and future users to be creative and develop new outputs to further populate and enhance the site.

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