Steven Flipse

In his research, Steven Flipse investigates collaborations between researchers and other actors, and how these be established and managed. He focuses on the question how collaboration this may result in fruitful transdisciplinary collaborations, with the ultimate aim of establishing inclusive, reflexive and responsive ‘responsible innovation’. The key lies in establishing a transparent and fair co-design process, where all actors get an opportunity contribute to both the content and the process of innovation. He studies and develops tools that help such transdisciplinary groups functionally exchange information and manage their collaborations. His main research area is collaborations within the Life Sciences & Health domain, e.g. related to the setting up of Living Labs and other forms of collaborative innovation systems. He is (and has been) project manager of, and collaborator in various European and Dutch research projects, including EIT Health funded projects, NWO-funded projects, ERASMUS+ projects and EU H2020 projects. Regarding RRI and inclusive innovation, he has recently been involved in the EU projects NUCLEUS, PRISMA and currently in SuperMORRI.